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Surface Magic Bathtub Refinishing is your source in the greater Buffalo NY and Niagara Falls NY areas for superior quality resurfacing services that will restore and renew your countertops and bathtubs at a fraction of the replacement cost. A locally owned and oerated family business. We believe in using only the finest in materials and workmanship.

Surface Magic llc, Bathtub Refinishing has been busy behind the scenes reglazing bathtubs and updating clients bathrooms for years now. Bathtub Refinishing Buffalo is also referred to as bathtub painting or reglazing. If you have a dull-looking shower or a tub thats cracked or showing its age, bathtub refinishing is a cost-effective alternative to replacement. Bathtub Refinishing Buffalo can fix chips or cracks and eliminate stains on your tub. Plus, when the bathtub refinishing is completed by our trained, certified technicians, it can extend the life of your tub by 10 to 15 years. That is why Bathtub Refinishing is an option home owners are choosing more and more often. Besides saving you up to 80% of replacement cost, bathtub Refinishing is less disruptive for the household. Bathtub Refinishing has saved property owners literally thousands of dollars in replacement costs.

Bathtub Refinishing Buffalo is a cost effective bathroom makeover alternative to replacing a bathtub that is worn out, damaged, hard to clean, or simply a dated color. Bathtub Refinishing can be done on porcelain bathtubs, fiberglass bathtubs, tile showers, fiberglass showers, tile surround, tile counters, and laminate countertops. When redesigning your bathroom, you have many options to choose from, but bathtub Refinishing is one of the simplest and quickest options to completely changing the look and feel of your bathroom. Bathtub Refinishing often called bathtub resurfacing, bathtub reglazing or bathtub re-enameling is a process of refreshing the finish of a worn, damaged bathtub to a like-new condition. Bathtub Refinishing may also be used to cover up a color that you just can't live with. Bathtub Refinishing is also done without a tear out and that alone saves a lot of money and valuable environmental assets. Replacing a bathtub can actually cost thousands of dollars and is often unnecessary because Surface Magic of Buffalo NY  can perform bathtub Refinishing Buffalo for a fraction of the cost of replacement.     

Clawfoot bathtub refinishing is not limited to any color. Clawfoot bathtub Refinishing Buffalo can also return the original charm and beauty to Victorian clawfoot bathtubs, pedestal sinks, and antique lavatories. Plus, when the bathtub Refinishing Buffalo is completed by our trained, certified technicians, it can extend the life of your tub by 10 to 15 years.If your bathtub has been refinished in the past, the new bathtub Refinishing will require a few extra preparatory steps.


All our technicians go through a complete thorough training program.


We only believe in using the finest in materials so that your next project lasts,

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Sure our materials may cost a little more. But we believe in offering the finest materials at competitive prices.

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Plastic bathtub Refinishing is similar to the process of refinishing and repairing porcelain and fiberglass bathtubs. Bathtub Refinishing Buffalo can be performed on porcelain, tile,steel, cast iron, cultured marble, fiberglass and acrylic.   The key to good bathtub Refinishing is getting the new finish to stick to the old surface. Bathtub Refinishing Buffalo can be a much more affordable solution, allowing you to keep everything right where it is. 

Since bathtub Refinishing does produce an odor that may irritate home occupants, part of the site prep will include ventilating the area with a fan or exhaust system to keep odors contained to the bathroom or expelled into the outdoors.  Although there are DIY products available, bathtub Refinishing is a probably a job best left to the professionals. Plus, it is not even the same materials. 

Bathtub refinishing is the best green remodeling alternative and benefits homeowners, hotels, motels by saving them money over replacement. Bathtub Refinishing is the best green remodeling alternative to replacing old fixtures with new ones. Bathtub Refinishing Buffalo is a great investment because you can get the look and feel of a new tub without breaking the bank. Bathtub refinishing really is the greatest green alternative to replacing. With the help from Surface Magic. It's NOT Magic it's Surface Magic...

Surface Magic, is a family owned and operated business, that specializes in turning old, worn down, and stained bathroom fixtures into something that you would be very proud to show off to your family, friends, and guests. Plus, always offers Free Estimates by calling 716-805-7240. We invite you to contact us to learn more about how Surface Magic can improve the appearance of your bathtub and save you money as well!

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3 years ago-
We Just loved Surface Magic, they were very prompt, and Robert the contractor, did an excellent job on our old fashioned Counter tops, They have great referrals so we tried them and was very satisfied. Robert was very professional and answered all our questions, he was very patient and attentive, The Secretary Cheryl is a sweet heart. Very nice lady. She helped me with all my questions, and asked me to call her if i needed any other questions, Very exceptional Company. Other contractors can't compare they cleaned up after themselves didn't leave any mess for us to clean, they were spic and span, We just love these guys, We 'll use them again next time we need a job done, Try them you'll love them. Be your own judge.

a year ago-
We hired Surface Magic to Refinish our Countertops and backsplash in our kitchen. As they were starting to look out dated. In 2 days they transformed our kitchen into a new room. They did an outstanding job.

a year ago-
Surface Magic sure did wonder in our bathroom. We had recently purchased our home. The home sadly outdated 1960's look. A friend of ours recommended us to contact Surface Magic. Boy our we glad we did. They were very professional and polite. They gave us some good ides. So we started out having them work on our bathroom. the bathroom was pink and black tiles, the tub was pink and so was the toilet. We replaced the toilet. They did wonders on the tiles and tub in that room. We still can't get over the difference. They made it look like a new room.

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We be;ieve in using only the finest in materials and craftsmandship. So that your next project can last.

Bathtub Refinishing

Make that dungy old tub look new again. Change color or make it easy to clean again.

Tile Refinishing

Give those old tiles a new look. Change color or make them easier to clean.

Counter top Refinishing

Counter-top Refinishing gives those old countertops a new Granite Look.

Bathtub Spray

Also referred to as Refinishing. Everything we do is sprayed.